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The McDonald Real Estate Team, Contemplating a condo?

Contemplating a Condo?

By Sean and Aimee McDonald

Diverse lifestyles, changing family structures and a growing population have in many ways redefined what it means to own a home. In response, condominium developments have become an ever-increasing popular way of owning residential property.

What is a condo?

A condominium — or "condo" — is a form of real estate ownership wherein a single property is divided into multiple, independently owned units.

The McDonald Real Estate Team, 5 steps to making an offer

5 Steps to Making an Offer

By Sean and Aimee McDonald

Whether purchasing a home for the first time or well-versed in the home buying process, consideration should be given to each step leading up to the presentation of an offer to buy a home. The real estate market is ever-changing and buying a home now can prove to be a different experience than it was just ten years ago. In preparation, there are beneficial steps buyers can take before initiating a search for a new home.

The McDonald Real Estate Team, The price is (sometimes) right

The Price Is (Sometimes) Right

By Sean and Aimee McDonald

When trying to determine a home's value, buyers and sellers often possess differing points of view. Emotions may unknowingly play an influential role, resulting in differing opinions and a disparity between a home's presumed value and its actual value. Buyers and sellers are each influenced differently. It is therefore understandable the assumed value of a home, by either party, may unintentionally be subjective, resulting in an over-valuation or under-valuation of the property. However, there are ways to ensure pricing accurately reflects market conditions.

The McDonald Real Estate Team, Curb appeal and first impressions

Curb Appeal and First Impressions

By Sean and Aimee McDonald

In real estate, first impressions are of the utmost importance and a person's initial reaction to a home is oftentimes based on its curb appeal. The attractiveness of a home's exterior has a significant effect on its value. There are projects, both large and small, that can improve a home's appearance and can instill a feeling of pride in ownership.

The McDonald Real Estate Team, Avoid overcommitment to new home costs

Avoid Overcommitment to New Home Costs

By Sean and Aimee McDonald

The financial responsibilities of home ownership go well beyond the payment of a monthly mortgage and recent home buyers are often caught off guard with the numerous costs they encumber when purchasing a new home. The impact of maintenance costs, homeowner's insurance, property taxes, association dues, utilities and other resultant obligations are often overlooked when searching for a home to buy. Prospective home buyers should carefully avoid over committing to the purchase of property outside their financial reach.

The McDonald Real Estate Team, How to promote a successful open house

How to Promote a Successful Open House

By Sean and Aimee McDonald

Successful open houses are a product of significant planning and preparation. Although an open house may not be the resultant cause for the sale of a home, holding a home open, can increase the odds that it is seen by a prospective buyer. In response, consideration should be given to marketing efforts as the broad application of promotional tools could serve to capture a prospective homebuyer's awareness.