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By Sean and Aimee McDonald | Wednesday, August 23, 2017
The McDonald Real Estate Team, Kitchen Renovation: Redefining the Heart of the Home

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Evolving from purposes focused squarely on functionality, the kitchen is a center for socialization. Current architectural movements commonly renovate kitchens into open-concept living areas, no longer independent from other rooms. When choosing to remodel, adequate planning centered on a homeowner’s needs and expectations helps create a practical layout not only aesthetically pleasing, but also financially sound.

When renovating kitchens, homeowners must thoughtfully consider storage and workspace, as ill-prepared renovations can quickly become financially burdensome. The use of durable products is important. While choosing higher quality offerings may necessitate a larger investment, such decisions also help preserve longevity and performance.

Renovating Kitchens with the Right Materials

Diverse materials are commonly used in the fabrication of today’s kitchen countertops. Laminate, soapstone, ceramic and stone tile, zinc, marble, wood, recycled glass, stainless steel and even copper, all have a place in fabrication, and each makes a profound statement when renovating a kitchen. However, quartz and granite remain the most popular offerings in modern upscale kitchens.

A kitchen’s cabinetry and shelving options are commonly fabricated using hardwood, plywood, particleboard and fiberboard. Whether choosing readymade stock or seeking out custom manufactured solutions, kitchen cabinetry and shelving options are plentiful. Arguably, functionality remains key, but variations in design and coloration provide homeowners with numerous choices, which mustn’t only coincide with a kitchen’s theme, but must also carry forward into the broader stylings of the home.

Accessorizing well-dressed kitchens with quality hardware is an excellent means of heightening aesthetics while embracing practicality. Yet, beyond the inclusion of ornamental hardware, self-closing piston drawers and soft-close concealed hinges are features customarily found in today’s high-end kitchens. The right hardware complements a well-designed kitchen.

Renovating Kitchens with an Open-Concept

Open-concept living, has revolutionized kitchen design. Where dining and kitchen areas were once independent spaces, a blending of the two is now common. Contemporary design, has led to the removal of walls and other visual barriers in favor of creating open-flow; however, these changes have also created storage challenges. The integration of islands and peninsulas into modern kitchen layouts, now prominently serves to help redefine kitchen space, while addressing concerns relating to diminished storage.

Appliances possess a principal role in a kitchen remodel. Choosing the right appliances is a natural progression of a homeowner’s renovation efforts. But, homeowners must carefully weigh their needs before committing to purchase. Accommodating a kitchen’s traffic flow and orienting the layout around family needs is essential, as the thoughtful consideration of lifestyle is key. Choosing dishwashers, stoves, ovens, hoods, microwaves and refrigerators possessing a unified appearance is encouraged, but each appliance must also be compatible with the kitchen’s design. For those having a deep-rooted passion for the culinary arts, professional-grade appliances are likely to hold significant importance.

Consider Light in Kitchen Renovation

As most modern kitchens not only serve as a workspace but also a venue for social interaction, appropriate task and ambient lighting should be considered. Stronger, task-oriented lighting is appropriate in food preparation areas, while ambient lighting, allows a kitchen to feel more inviting. Options abound, whether choosing pendent, track, puck, recessed, florescent-strip or under-cabinet lighting, each can brighten up space while becoming focal points of the broader design.

Natural light afforded by well-placed windows also brighten a kitchen’s appearance. When renovating, homeowners are well-served through the incorporation of natural light. Whether replacing existing windows, adding a skylight or removing restrictive window treatments, a naturally lit kitchen enhances a home’s aesthetics.

Everything and the Kitchen Sink

Often overlooked, the kitchen sink, should also be addressed during a renovation. There are a variety of materials, shapes, styles and colors available. Kitchen sinks are either mounted above or beneath the counter; common materials include porcelain, acrylic, composite, cast iron, and stainless steel. There are qualities inherent in each and homeowners are encouraged to research all options to find a material and design well-suited to their needs. Once chosen, a faucet will accentuate the sink’s appearance and utility, while completing the kitchen’s design. 

With most kitchen remodels, flooring and backsplash renovations are usually contemplated. Upscale flooring options include travertine, hardwood, ceramic tile, porcelain and cork-linoleum. The selection of backsplash materials is also plentiful, consisting of ceramic, porcelain, wood, stone, marble, glass and metal. In either case, the patterns, colors, sizes and finishes afforded are exceptionally diverse, providing homeowners with a wide range of choices.

Whether choosing to make subtle changes or undertaking a dramatic transformation, seeking the guidance of a professional well-versed in kitchen design oftentimes proves beneficial. When redefining the heart of the home, the choices are limitless, and might even include the kitchen sink!

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