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By Sean and Aimee McDonald | Friday, August 11, 2017
The McDonald Real Estate Team, Remodel with Doors, Windows and Skylights

First impressions evoke lasting impressions. When discussing a home remodel with doors, windows and skylights, this statement certainly holds true. Even if a homeowner isn’t planning to sell, it’s important to keep a property’s valuation in mind when undertaking remodeling projects. But, not all home improvements necessitate dramatic renovations. Improvements made to a home’s doors, windows and skylights often increase resale value, as they artfully contribute to a property’s aesthetics, livability, energy efficiency and security.

Welcome tradition, strength with front door remodel

Often a principal focal point, the front door has the power to strengthen a property’s prominence as viewed from the street. Although traditional wooden doors are aesthetically pleasing, they remain vulnerable to the elements, deteriorate over time and require ongoing maintenance. New materials however, provide a traditional look and feel, while offering the energy efficiency savings and security features savvy consumers have come to expect.

Newly fabricated options meeting stringent guidelines are now commonly found in pre-mounted door-in-frame solutions. These readymade options include jambs, thresholds, and weather stripping. Locksets, hinges and windows are also popular integrations in these readymade entry-systems. The benefits afforded by these all-inclusive options often surpass the sole revitalization of a standalone door. Although replacing a conventional front door with an entry-system requires reconstruction of a doorway’s wall framing, over time the practice has become commonplace given the efficiency and security concerns held by today’s homeowners.

But, a home’s other entryways shouldn’t be dismissed, as they too make a visual statement. French doors, storm doors, sliding doors, secondary doors and garage doors all enhance a home’s aesthetics and functionality. While addressing the front door is a natural first step in heightening curb appeal, other entrances also benefit.

Reduce homeowner costs with window remodel

Windows play a dramatic role in a home’s appearance. Replacing worn windows may help homeowners reduce heating and cooling costs, while enhancing curb appeal and value. But, selecting the right window requires research. Whether seeking to provide airflow, frame a view, enhance natural light, or give the illusion of additional space, understanding window types is essential to informed decision-making.

When purchasing windows, homeowners will find materials and quality vary and there are economical, midrange and high-end solutions. Materials such as wood, aluminum, fiberglass and vinyl, are each commonly used in manufacturing. Weighing the importance of aesthetics, durability, efficiency and price, holds prominent, and choosing a material complementary to a home’s construction is key. Whether retrofitting new windows into existing casings or stripping out old windows and frames and starting from scratch, choices abound.

Brighten home with skylight installation

A different kind of window, skylights provide another means of integrating natural light, ventilation and views. Again, there are diverse options afforded. When properly installed, an energy efficient skylight minimizes a home’s lighting costs and even the smallest roof windows have the power to brighten the darkest rooms. Yet, there can be a downside, as improperly installed skylights may result in increased energy costs and expensive repairs due to moisture. Homeowners are encouraged to review options, seek quality of construction and select energy efficient models well-suited to their home.

The replacement or refurbishment of doors, windows and skylights is often complemented by adding additional locksets and thoughtful window treatments. Privacy and security offerings needn’t be boring. Sometimes simple additions boldly accentuate a home’s décor and architectural theme.

The process of refurbishing and upgrading doors, windows and skylights can usually be completed over time. Those on a budget shouldn’t feel compelled to make sweeping changes if they’re financially restricted from doing so. Instead, homeowners who are eager to upgrade are often best served in focusing on areas requiring immediate attention, and then addressing other areas of the property at a later date. Taking the time to discuss options with a licensed professional well-versed in similar renovations is key to putting an effective plan into motion.

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